Build Your Career Here

Are you interested in learning a secure trade in an industry that will continue to grow and be utilized? 

Do you have a mechanical mindset?

Do you like working on vehicles or fixing things?

Are you interested in a hands on experience learning new things and problem solving?

Do you like to work hard and have fun?

Build Your Career Here

North Central Utility has been guided by the same basic principles for over 40 years; 

  • Provide superior customer service,
  • Stand behind the products and services we offer,
  • Grow relationships with our customers, vendors, and business partners

That starts with our employees. We care about providing a stable work environment for our employees. A place where they know there will be work everyday. A place where they don’t have to worry about not getting a paycheck. A place where there is an opportunity to grow with a longstanding company that is also continuing to grow.  

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What are some of the benefits you receive?

Heavy Duty Semi-Trailer

  • Learn valuable knowledge from a seasoned, well marinated technician
  • Increase your mechanical and repair knowledge
  • Develop real world skills such as; welding, fabrication, and trailer & truck repair
  • Getting honest feedback so you can continue to get better
  • Earn PTO from day 1!
george in service

Parts: Counter Sales, Delivery,
& Warehouse

  • Develop your customer service relation skills

  • Learn to thrive in a busy, fast paced retail environment

  • Leverage strong time management and logistics practices

  • Opportunity to grow within a company that is also growing
  • Earn PTO from day 1!
parts department

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What we expect from you!

  • Commitment to self development
  • Responsibility for improving skills and knowledge
  • Be open and honest about goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns
  • Be open to constructive criticisms
  • Be respectful of time and resources
  • Ask questions
  • Actively listen and ask questions
  • Seek advice, opinions, feedback, and ask for help
  • Stay accessible, committed, and engaged while on company time
  • Be willing to take classes and go to seminars 
  • Give feedback to mentors on what’s working and what’s not
  • Ask questions 

As a representative of our parts department, you will perform a wide variety of work assignments maintaining established company and industry standards. Our parts representatives work effectively representing counter sales, trailer service, and the warehouse departments.

As a service technician/heavy duty semi-trailer mechanic you’ll be on the front line of our business seeing all sort of repairs that are needed to keep these trailers in operating order. Be prepared to work on all aspects of semi-trailers and some truck work as well.

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