The Excellence Continues

The leading manufacture in trailers continues to lead the way in reducing the carbon footprint left on the world. A third party consultant group was recently brought in to evaluate the processes Utility follows to see if they are paying off. Utility continues to reduce energy consumption, emissions and waste, continues to improve material sourcing, and strives to be a leader in worker safety.The Excellence Continues

By switching to LED lighting, installing more efficient equipment, and improving HVAC controls Utility has reduced electricity use by 17% and has reduced natural gas by 26% per trailer since 2011. Through the efforts of Utility to reduce energy consumption greenhouse gas emissions have decreased 27% and global warming emissions from our spray foam have decreased 36% since 2009.Eliminating 100% of all the ozone-depleting emissions from the spray foam insulation for reefers in 2009, decreasing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions since 1994, and a 97% decrease of hazardous air pollutants has allowed Utility to continue to pursue ways to diminish air emissions. Wood used to build Utility’s trailers are used 100% from forests that have been certified through the Sustainable Forest Initiative. Reusing packaging and purchasing material in bulk quantities and aggressively recycling small materials helps to divert waste from landfills.

Utility continues to utilize and implement practices that will better the environment, create a sustainable work space for employees, and utilize natural resources in the best way possible.

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