Video How To’s

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How to Adjust an Automatic Slack Adjuster

Our mechanic takes a look at how to adjust an automatic slack adjuster on a Hendrickson Air Ride suspension system. He covers the basic methods to adjust as well as checking the functionality of the slack adjuster.

How to Adjust Ride Height on a Hendrickson Air Ride Suspension

In this video our mechanic demonstrates how to adjust the ride height on a Hendrickson Air Ride Suspension.

Wear on Suspension and Shock Bushings

In this video we are going to check for wear on teh suspension and shock bushings.

How to Measure Brake Stroke Length

In this video we discuss how to measure brake stroke length on a semi trailer. Our mechanic will cover the step by step instructions on how to measure brake stroke length and discuss the limitations of that stroke length. Be sure to consult with your local DOT for specifications for your particular equipment.

How to Change a Wheel Seal

Our Badger Utility Mechanic goes through the steps to properly replace a wheel seal on an air ride suspension system.