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Brake Safety Week Sept 6-12


Brake Safety Week is upon us.  Next week, September 6-12, 2015, tens of thousands of vehicles will be inspected by state and federal inspectors nationwide.

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Why Mandrel Foam Trailers Beat Panel Foam Construction


In this article, we take a look at the differences in construction methods of reefer trailers.  Comparing mandrel foam construction reefer trailers and panel foam construction we separate the key points that help determine different levels of thermal efficiency.

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Repairs, the Right Way!



At Badger Utility we have a vast list of trailer service capabilities.  We can do everything from simple things like DOT inspections up to rebuilding and trailer fabrication.  Trailers come to our shop quite frequently having been inadequately repaired by another shop.  It is our goal to fix these trailers properly so they will stand the test of time.  

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Reefer Foam Methods


The Badger Blog discusses Reefer Foam Repairs and the best methods to utilize.  With an in-depth look at two specific Reefer repair methods we show the costs and benefits to both.

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Delamination Explanation...Reefer Trailer Liners


The interior linings in today’s reefer trailers are thinner and more puncture resistant than ever before. Versitex, a reinforced thermo composite made by US Liner is standard in Utility reefers today. Versitex, like ArmorTuf by Crane Composites is lightweight, durable and cleanable. Because the liners are so thin and strong, the mode of failure is delamination instead of puncturing the material.

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Tire Inflation Systems - Their Time Has Come


Tire Inflation Systems have been around for over 15yrs.  This blog will discuss why they are becoming more important in the transportation industry and how Badger Utility feels they can benefit your fleet.

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