Tire Inflation Systems – Their Time Has Come

Tire inflation systems were introduced over 15 years ago. Arm chair engineered products have become more sophisticated and major vendors to our industry are plowing time and money into further development of these products.

An under-inflated tire creates excess heat resulting in premature wear to the casing and or tread. In many cases the damage is significant enough to cause a catastrophic failure where the tire blows resulting in an expensive road repair and peripheral damage to the undercarriage or rear subframe of the trailer.

Blown tires are a liability to fleets because of potential damage sustained to passing vehicles when the tire blows or if they run over the remnants of the blown tire. Increased scrutiny of tire inflation due to CSA2010 can have an impact on your safety score too.

For these reasons it is time to consider the tire inflation systems made by Hendrickson, PSI and Stemco. All of these products are reliable and supported by good service organizations. Of these vendors only the Hendrickson Tiremaxx Pro system adjusts tire pressure up or down as the trailer travels in different temperatures. This feature is appealing as many of our customers have trailers that travel in temperature extremes of minus 20 to 120 degrees during the course of a year.

Badger Utility sells and supports the products from all three vendors. These tire inflation systems all require preventative maintenance as well as periodic calibration. The additional costs for maintenance are offset by improved tire wear, lower rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel economy and the labor savings associated with a good tire program.  Take a minute to view the short video that describes the Hendrickson Tiremaxx Pro in more detail.

Badger Utility inventories these products, whether you want to install them yourself or have our experienced mechanics do it for you. Contact us at your nearest Badger Utility Parts Department location for more information.

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