CVSA Brake Safety Week 2016

Brake Safety Week Sept 11-17, 2016.

The CVSA has announced their Brake Safety Week for 2016.  This week long focus on brake system inspections will run from Sept 11 to Sept 17, 2016

Law Enforcement Agencies across North America will conduct inspections on commercial vehicles to look for out of adjustment brakes, brake system violations, and ABS system violations.  Specifically, enforcement officials will be looking for components out of adjustment, loose or missing parts, leaks, worn linings/pads/drums/rotors, and faulty brake system components.

Now is the time to make sure your equipment is in good operating condition.  Badger Utility and North Central Utility can provide the Parts and Service needed to ensure your equipment will be ready for this week of inspections as well as everyday use.  Contact one of our locations!

For more information about CVSA and the Brake Safety Week, visit the CVSA website.

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