Accuride Accu-Lite Duplex Aluminum Wheels

Accuride Accu-Lite® Aluminum Wheels. 

The lightweight aluminum wheel for the industry.  Lighter weight – Ultra-Enhanced Finish.

Wide base aluminum super single wheel to fit the X-One tire weighs 56 pounds and has a maximum load of 12,800 pounds.  The “XP” Extra Polish finish is a premium polish on both sides. 

As a leader in wheel technology, Accuride has set the standard for aluminum wheels.  Accuride is your only single source for industry-leading wheel end solutions.


AC41142XP – Accuride Accu-Lite Duplex Aluminum Wheels

  • 14.00 x 22.5 – 2.00” Outset
  • Beautiful Extra Polished Finish
  • Wide Base Aluminum Super Single Wheel to Fit the X-One Tire
  • Weighs 56 Pounds and has a Maximum Load of 12,800 Pounds
  • $399.00 each
  • Pallet of 8 – $349.00 per wheel
  • 24 Quantity – $299.00 per wheel
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